Here you can find an overview of all achievements that you can earn with us. Have fun collecting them!

The Boot Tour Award Completed the Boot Tour
Canary Tour Award Completed the Canary Tour
Iberian Tour Award Iberian Tour Award
Tour of Germany Award Tour of Germany Award
South American Tour Award You will only get it after completing the south american tour.
Arusha / Tansania Award Für alle Teilnehmer, die beim Brunnenbau geholfen haben
Austrian Badge You will get it after completing the autstian tour.
Greece Badge Every pilot can get this award by finishing the greece tour.
Captain You landed 1000 times butter soft
Profi Pilot You landed 100 times butter soft
Amateur Pilot Fly over 100 hours
Transit champion You flew 1,000,000 passengers on vacation
Transit professional You flew 100,000 passengers on vacation
Transit Amateur You flew 10,000 passengers on vacation
in travel mania You have visited 100 different airports
in travel fever You have visited 50 different airports
Fond of traveling You have visited 25 different airports