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25,840 Air miles this month

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Booked flights

Pilot Flight number Type Departure Destination Passengers Cargo Aircraft State
  Martin FAV141 Scheduled EDDL LEPA 120 8664kg A320 Dispatched
  Kevin FAV141 Scheduled EDDL LEPA 149 6362kg A320 Dispatched
  Nicklas FAVFAV Charter LICJ LIRN 150 8740kg B738 Dispatched

The last 10 flights

Flight number Departure Destination Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing evaluation
LH 52324 EDDK EDDH   FAV15 Airbus A319 CFM Lufthansa... -571fpm
FAV1982 CYYR CYHZ   FAV47 PMDG 737-800 FlyAffairs (... -236fpm
FAVFAV BGBW CYYR   FAV54 FenixA320_FlyAffairsNC_DF... -186fpm
FAVFAV BIKF BGBW   FAV54 FenixA320_FlyAffairsNC_DF... -786fpm
LH 4356 EDDW EDDK   FAV15 Airbus A319 CFM Lufthansa... -623fpm
FAVIT8 LEVC LEBL   FAV9 FenixA320_FlyAffairsNC_DF... -329fpm
LH 4711 EDDH EDDW   FAV15 Airbus A319 CFM Lufthansa... -379fpm
EZS 8789 EDDN EDDH   FAV15 Airbus A319 CFM Easyjet -340fpm
YLN 5468 EDDS EDDN   FAV15 Airbus A319 CFM Easyjet -412fpm

Top 5 landings of the week

Name Flight number Airport Date Landing evaluation XP
  Christian FAVFAV CYYR 2024-02-24 -186fpm 95%
  Lars FAV1982 CYHZ 2024-02-24 -236fpm 91%

Newest members

Name Country Base Registration date
  Pascal Germany Germany Köln Bonn 2024-02-16
  Kevin Germany Germany Köln Bonn 2024-02-11
  Michael Germany Germany Luxemburg Findel International 2024-02-08
  Christian Germany Germany Köln Bonn 2024-02-08
  Denis Bulgaria Bulgaria Köln Bonn 2024-02-07
  Paul Netherlands Netherlands Köln Bonn 2024-02-07
  Carsten Germany Germany Köln Bonn 2024-02-07

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